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The European CME Forum is dedicated to bringing together all stakeholder groups with an interest in European Continuing Medical Education, promoting multi-channel discussion in an independent and neutral environment.

Eugene Pozniak of Siyemi Learning Everything you need to know about the 7th Annual Meeting of the European CME Forum is here.

This event grows on the successes of the previous meetings; bringing together the key stakeholders in European CME to discuss the current status, latest developments and future outlook of CME in Europe.

DATES: 12-14 November 2014

VENUE: Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre, London

What else should the programme cover?

We are running a survey again to explore what the issues are today, this is an incredibly useful planning tool for us and the speakers find your feedback really useful. So please do participate, whether you plan to attend the meeting or not. We are trying some new approaches this year, and your input is invaluable


Following the experiences of recent years and in particular the feedback we have received, we will be focussing on the practical applications of CME in Europe, illustrating this with examples of programmes carried out in Europe.

  • How is a European CME programme put together? What should it look like?
  • Are European CME regulations becoming more or less complicated?
  • What role is the profession playing in European CME?
  • Who should be involved?
  • How does CME affect clinical practice?
  • What does industry want in return for supporting CME programmes?
  • What guidance is there for providers and how can they work more effectively in Europe?
  • What are the concerns about commercial companies being involved in CME?

    We will be addressing these and other questions at the 7th Annual meeting of the European CME Forum in London this November.

    We look forward to seeing you in London for what promises to be our biggest and best event yet!!

    Eugene Pozniak
    Programme Director, European CME Forum


  • Michel Ballieu (European CanCer Organisation)
  • Edwin Borman (Secretary General, UEMS-EACCME)
  • Carsten Germer (CompuGroup Medical)
  • Jennifer Gordon (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada)
  • Maria Grazia Cali (Merck Serono)
  • Reinhard Griebenow (European Cardiology Section Foundation)
  • Martin Haag (Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences)
  • Caroline Hager (DG SANCO, European Commission)
  • Peter Henning (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences)
  • Krzysztof Jakubowski (General Practitioner, Weybridge)
  • MJMH (Kiki) Lombarts (Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam)
  • Don Moore (Vanderbilt University)
  • Jonas Nordquist (Karolinska Institutet)
  • Kate Regnier (ACCME)
  • Lawrence Sherman (Prova Education)
  • Eva Thalmann (Janssen Cilag)
  • Mark Westwood (St Bartholemew's Hospital)


    Here is the programme as it is looking so far. Of course it is still in development and things may change, and we will be carrying out another survey in September to discover precisely what people would like to hear about (make sure you are signed up for notifications, click on the link above on the right), but we can announce the core of the programme structure here.

    Wednesday 12 November

    As usual we will host a number of "Day 0" activities during the afternoon before proceedings get fully underway. These are all invitation-only sessions where specialist groups meet to discuss the CME experiences and challenges they face, ahead of #7ECF itself.

    We will be hosting meetings of the following groups:

  • Medical societies and professional bodies
  • CME accreditors
  • Delegates from industry
  • Providers: the Good CME Practice Group will have their Autumn Meeting, click here for more information including membership criteria.

    More information will be disclosed closer to the day, but in the meantime if you fall into one of these categories and would like to know more, please get in contact with us at email:

    Thursday 13 November

    #7ECF will start at 8.30am and this year we will be approaching the programme in a slightly different way. We will be employing a thematic approach and ensuring that there is a multidisciplinary approach to each session.

    Session 1: What is the need for assessing needs?

    Kiki Lombarts, Professor of Professional Performance at the University of Amsterdam will run a practical session to help focus on what is becoming an increasingly important part of the CME programme and bring to life something that should not be a chore.

    Session 2: How will CME be funded?

    This session will be chaired by Jacqui Thornton, an independent moderator, with a past as a UK health journalist with some leading newspapers, and more recently health-related training and facilitating roles with government, the medical profession and industry. Jacqui will explore how the sources of funding for CME is changing with a selected panel from the profession, industry and accreditors and the delegates in the room. Times are changing and so are funding models; added to this is American "Sunshine" and European "Transparency" which also play a part in how CME funding is given and received.

    Jacqui will host the discussion with experts from across the education spectrum: Michel Ballieu (CEO at European CanCer Organisation - ECCO), Reinhard Griebenow (President UEMS Cardiology Section, Chair at EBAC), Kate Regnier (Deputy CEO and COO at ACCME) and Eva Thalmann (External Scientific Relations Director at Janssen Cilag).

    Session 3: e-learning innovations and potential

    Peter Henning, Professor of Education at the Institute for Computers in Education at the University of Karlsruhe, and initiator of LearnTEC, probably the largest e-learning trade show in Europe, will review and examine latest technology being used in e-learning both in medicine and further afield. There will be two presentations showcasing latest developments; simulation in medical education by Carsten Germer (CompuGroup Medical) and innovative case based learning from Martin Haag (Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences) as well as a presentation from one of the delegates of a CME accredited activity.

    Session 4: CME on Trial

    Jacqui Thornton will Chair this second discussion session of the day, with a fresh multidisciplinary panel, delving this time into a more thorny issue. The order of the day is to examine what precisely is the point of CME accreditation, why healthcare professionals want it or need it and what precisely are the roles of the provider and accreditor.

    Panellists to include: Maria Grazia Cali (Merck Serono), Caroline Hager (DG SANCO), Jennifer Gordon (RCPSC) and Mark Westwood (St Bartholomew's Hospital)

    As always we invite all delegates to join us for an informal networking drinks reception following the end of the formal sessions.

    Friday 14 November

    Session 5: In conversation with...

    Leading experts in CME explore the issues of the day in head-to-head conversations.

    Session 6: The measure of outcomes

    Don Moore, Professor of Medical Education and Administration at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and bringer of what has become known as "Moore's Pyramid", or his "7 Levels of Outcomes", will guide the room through practical and implementable ways to plan and assess the effectiveness of educational programmes.

    Lunch with the learners

    Lunch will be spent with a selection of learners to mull over what they see as being important in CME.

    Session 7: CME quality and compliance challenge

    We will bring back last year's "Dragons" to judge new presentations from pre-selected delegates. We acknowledge that there was rather a lot of "blood on the floor" last year, so we will be doing this again - but this time allowing for plenty more time for discussion between the presenters, audience and panel to really gets to grips with the programme being presented, and the lessons that can be gleaned.

    Fulfilling the role of "dragons" will be: Maria Grazia Cali (Industry supporter), Reinhard Griebenow (Accreditator), Krzysztof Jakubowski (Learner), Jonas Nordquist (Educator) and Mark Westwood (Course Director)

    Session 8: CME Unsession

    Lawrence Sherman will host the final discussion session to ensure that no-one either in the room, or the followers in the Twittersphere, leaves the meeting with any questions left ringing in their heads.

    The meeting will close at 16.30 on Friday 14 November.


    We know from feedback that we have received that some of the greatest lessons have come about from truly cross-disciplinary engagement on the podium. The call for proposals for presentation has now closed... however we are still open to further suggestions for the "CME quality and compliance challenge" to pitch your project, real or imagined, to the "Dragons".

    Please write to for more information.



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